Vehicle Incident in USA on May 01 2016 04:22 AM (UTC).
A Southwest Airlines flight that took off from MacArthur Airport Friday was forced to make an emergency landing, marking the second such incident in as many days. Authorities say Flight 3348 to Baltimore took off at 6 a.m., but an issue with one of the plane's engines prompted an emergency landing a short while later in Newark, New Jersey. Passengers on the plane reported feeling and hearing what they described as an "explosion" or a "booming sound." One passenger told News 12 that others who were sitting over the wing reported seeing flames. In a statement, Southwest described the problem as "performance issues with one of the aircraft engines." The plane, which was carrying 131 passengers and five crew members, was able to land safely. No injuries were reported. Southwest says passengers on the flight were placed on another aircraft to continue their journey, and the original aircraft was taken out of service for maintenance. Just a day earlier, a Southwest Airlines flight from MacArthur to Florida had to turn around and make an emergency landing minutes into the flight due to a fuel leak scare. After that incident Thursday, airport officials said an inspection determined there was no leak and the plane was put back into service.