Vehicle Incident in United Kingdom on February 02 2016 05:21 PM (UTC).
An aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Humberside Airport this morning because of a problem with its landing gear. The Jetstream 61 was carrying seven people when the pilot discovered an issue with the front wheel. After circling above the Humber Bridge to allow emergency services to prepare a response, the plane was given clearance to land at the airport in North Lincolnshire. A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue Services said: "Whenever there is ever an issue of this nature, we all kick up a gear in terms of our response. We sent four fire engines and the police had also prepared a response team to be prepared for the worst. "Thankfully, the plane was able to make a safe landing and everyone was happy." The plane, travelling from Norfolk, circled for 15 minutes before it was given permission to land. It was safely on the ground at 10.08am. A spokesperson for Eastern Airways said: "The captain operating a charter flight EZE102 from RAF Marham to RAF Coningsby made a precautionary diversion to Humberside due to a cockpit warning indication relating to the nosewheel landing gear. "The Jetstream 41 aircraft with four passengers and three crew on board landed safely at 10.08am and passengers disembarked the aircraft as normal via the aircraft steps. "We have launched an investigation and engineers will be inspecting the aircraft. We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our passengers and crew is our primary concern."