Vehicle Accident in Russia on December 03 2019 04:20 PM (UTC).
A regular bus with Ukrainians turned over in Voronezh Oblast, Russia. 17 people suffered as a result of the accident as RIA News reported citing emergency service of the region.Totally, 28 citizens of Ukraine were in the bus; they were coming from Zaporizhia to Rostov-on-Don. There were no children and teenagers. The MAN bus driven by a 59-year-old man turned over on one side.It is noted that the Ukrainians are lightly and moderately wounded. Seven people left the site with meeting traffic; four people stay at the warming center at the accident place.26 people and eight units of the equipment were involved in the liquidation of the accident consequences.The accident took place in severe weather conditions, heavy snowfall and snowstorm occurs there.Earlier a bus with Ukrainian workers on board got into an accident in the Czech Republic. As a result, 10 passengers with injuries were hospitalized.As we reported a bus with Ukrainians slid into a ditch and rolled over. As a result of the accident, which happened in Poland, 11 people were injured, 5 citizens of Ukraine were taken to the hospital.