Vehicle Accident in South Africa on April 18 2017 05:12 AM (UTC).
Three people died and over 30 other people were injured when two taxis collided on the N3 in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal on Monday, paramedics said. ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said that paramedics and other services arrived on the scene and found both vehicles on the side of the road. "One taxi was found upright while another was found lying on its side. It was evident that both vehicles had rolled after they had collided. Upon closer inspection, paramedics found the bodies of a woman and two men on the scene. One of the men was found lying beneath the overturned vehicle," Meiring said. "Unfortunately, all three patients had already succumbed to their multiple injuries. Nothing could be done for them and they were declared dead on the scene. Approximately 35 other patients were found on the scene. Paramedics assessed the patients and found that their injuries ranged from minor to moderate." Meiring said that paramedics treated the patients on the scene before they were transported to various facilities for further treatment. The cause of the accident was not known but would be investigated, he said.