Vehicle Accident in Mexico on April 14 2017 03:16 AM (UTC).
At least 24 people were killed and nine were injured in Mexico on Thursday in a deadly traffic accident involving a bus and a fuel tanker truck, Reuters reports. Both vehicles, traveling in opposite directions along a Guerrero highway, collided head-on, causing the fuel tanker truck to explode on impact. Most of those injured were left with severe second and third-degree burns. The bus was traveling to the Pacific coast when it hit the tanker, which originally left the port of Lazaro Cardenas and was traveling inland. Survivor Carlos Vieyra told police that his family rented the bus for a trip to the beach and that they were only 20 kilometers away from their destination, Quadratin reports. Two minors, ages three and 10, were killed in the crash, Quadratin also reports. Rescue workers are still clearing the site, a Guerrero police official told Reuters. The cause of the collision is not immediately clear, the official said.