Vehicle Accident in USA on March 18 2017 06:40 AM (UTC).
A train derailment in south central Kansas Friday afternoon briefly closed traffic but caused no injuries or damages other than to some of the train cars. The derailment occurred in Augusta about 2:10 p.m. Andy Williams, a spokesperson with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, said 10 cars of a westbound 99-car train derailed in Augusta, briefly closing some cross streets. The derailment occurred around Ohio and Frisco streets. The closed streets have since re-opened. One of the derailed cars was a tank car carrying soybean byproducts, Williams said. Although there is a small leak in the car, its contents are non-hazardous. Williams said the rest of the cars in the train were a mixture of grain and box cars. All train traffic on the track where the cars derailed are being re-routed along other tracks. Williams did not know how long it would take to right the cars and re-open the track.