Vehicle Accident in USA on March 01 2017 09:11 AM (UTC).
A small plane crashed into a condominium building Tuesday, killing the pilot, WCVB reported. No one at Pride's Crossing condominiums was injured in the incident, according to the Methuen Police Dept. The complex is on the Merrimack River near Lawrence Municipal Airport, where the flight originated. The pilot has been identified as a city councilor and a former mayor of Newburyport, a nearby town. Tje FAA released a statement saying he was trying to land the plane when the crash occurred. "The FAA will investigate and the NTSB will determine the probable cause for the accident," the release stated. A witness told CBS News Boston that he was driving on nearby I-495 South when he saw the plane in flames in the air. "I've never witnessed anything like that in my life. I can't get it out of my head," Rich Ward said. Another witness who lives nearby said he saw the plane fall from the sky, but did not notice that it was on fire. Officials say the Sonex aircraft crashed during a final approach to the airport. Meuthen Fire Chief Tim Sheehy said the plane was an "experimental-type plane" that held about 50 gallons of fuel. "We got the word that it's some sort of home-built plane, but I don't want to misspeak here," Sheehy said. Another official called it a "project plane" that you can build yourself, but it is unknown if the pilot was the builder. An experienced pilot who flies in the area said the Sonex aircraft is known to have problems with the engine overheating, CBS News reported."The Sonex aircraft is designed as a motor glider," Vincent Aprea said. "It's designed to take off, fly like a conventional airplane, and then with the power off, meaning the motor shut down, glide to a landing." A photo of the scene shows the plane's tail sticking out of the roof. The building caught fire after the plane's crash, but the firefighters were able to clear the area of smoke and knock down the fire. Two apartments were affected with about three-quarters of the plane in one and the rest in another. Rescuers had to knock down a wall to get to the whole aircraft, and when they got to the pilot, he was dead from his injuries, Sheehy said.