Vehicle Accident in South Africa on July 05 2016 05:44 AM (UTC).
At least 41 people were injured this evening after a bus and a car collided on the M1/M2 split in the Johannesburg CBD. No one has died. According to ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring, paramedics arrived on scene to find the whole highway blocked by the bus and the car. "The bus was found lying on its side in the fast lane while the light motor vehicle was found crushed next to it. Occupants from the bus were found walking around the highway, after having climbed out of the windows of the overturned vehicle." Metro Police had to close the highway due to the wreckage and debris which covered the area. "On inspection, paramedics found that 41 people, including young children, had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Fortunately, no serious or fatal injuries were reported on the scene." Meiring added that emergency services set up a triage area, so that paramedics could treat and stabilise the patients. Once treated, the patients were transported to various hospitals in the area for further treatment. "It was discovered that a number of the occupants from the bus escaped any injury. These patients were assessed but not transported to hospital. The cause of the collision is not yet known but local authorities were on scene for further investigations."