Vehicle Accident in Australia on January 29 2016 04:39 AM (UTC).
At least three people are confirmed dead in a plane crash at Barwon Heads, near Geelong, on Friday. Emergency services are on the scene after a plane crashed into the water near Bridge Road just before 12.30pm. A police spokesperson said that it was believed "a number of people" had died in the crash. The Queenscliff Coast Guard has sent two vessels to the scene of the crash. Earlier reports stated five people had died in the crash, although Victoria Police later confirmed the number was three. "The cause of the incident is not yet known and we will provide further details once they come to hand," a spokesperson said in a statement. Two air ambulance helicopters have been dispatched in response to the crash. The crash site appears to be near the wreck of the HMAS Canberra, a former navy vessel that was sunk to create a dive site in 2009. The water depth at the site is about 28 metres. Boats from several organisations, including Parks Victoria, are assisting in an expanding square search from the initial site in a bid to find debris. A staff member from the At The Heads restaurant in Barwon Heads did not see the crash but said the visibility was "really bad" on the water. Fishermen Peter Lewry and Graeme McLean said they saw a light plane flying low in the sky off the Queenscliff bay. "We both commented to each other, how low it was coming out of the rain," Mr Lewry said. "The engine was fine there was no coughing or spluttering." He said the conditions for flying were bad. "It was very wet, extremely overcast," he said. A flight tracker website shows a helicopter circling above the water about five kilometres off the coast, south-west of Point Lonsdale. Members of the Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club are assisting at the scene of the crash. There were no requests for emergency landing at two of the airports closest to the crash, at Torquay and Barwon Heads. A spokesman for Barwon Heads Airport said conditions had been "marginal", and that helicopter flights from the aerodrome had been cancelled on Friday because of the weather.