Vehicle Accident in Saudi Arabia on December 30 2015 03:54 PM (UTC).
A Bahraini F-16 jet involved in the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen has crashed Wednesday in southern Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported. The plane crashed as a result of a technical fault and came down in the Jizan region. The pilot is reported to have survived the crash, but no further details were given in a statement by the coalition. Bahrain has been involved in the coalition, bombing the Iran-backed Houthi movement in Yemen, since the military campaign began in March. In a separate incident, three Bahraini servicemen were killed in an accident on Saudi Arabia's southern border with Yemen, according to Bahrain's official news agency BNA. A coalition of 11 Arab states intervened in a civil war in Yemen on March 26, after Houthi rebels overran large areas of the country, forced President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi into exile. Since March, the Saudi-backed government forces and coalition troops have won back some strategic territory, but the conflict has left around 6,000 people dead and pitched the impoverished country into a humanitarian crisis.