Non-categorized event in USA on January 01 2017 09:48 AM (UTC).
Around 5:00 PM on Saturday, people from Owego to Broome county and all the way down to Northern Pennsylvania began reporting odd shaking and a loud "explosion" noise. Reports said they "felt their houses and windows shaking." The Tioga County Sheriff's Department would not say if they received any calls. They told WICZ they "have no comment or information at the moment." An Official from the Binghamton Airport said "it is not possible for a commercial plane to move fast enough to create a sonic boom." He added that the airport has no record of any military training going on in the area. The Broome County Sheriff's office told WICZ about reports coming from social media about "a yellow cloud of smoke." Adding that they did not receive any calls about the cloud or about a specific location. They were continuing to investigate as of the late afternoon on Saturday, but "don't even know where to begin because reports were coming from too many different locations." The Firewire in Tioga County, which reports on information while it is still being investigated, posted online that the boom was "heard over 100 miles into PA." The National Weather Service in Binghamton checked their daily logs and confirmed that "nothing naturally occurred that was out of the ordinary." The official did add that the reports sound like a small earthquake, but had no evidence to believe that one actually happened. NYSEG did not report any power outages or natural gas leaks. They also did not have any additional details. WICZ is continuing to speak with officials across the Southern Tier as the investigation unfolds. Updates to follow as they become available.