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An ocean buoy east of New Jersey measured a "tsunami event" over the weekend that caused a rapid rise and fall of the nearby ocean offshore. While no earthquake activity was reported in the area, there is speculation that a meteor could have touched down. The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaked this weekend. Buoy 44402, located a few hundred miles east of New Jersey, reported an 88 foot drop in the ocean level in only 15 seconds, just after 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening. 15 seconds later, the ocean level rose 180 feet, as measured by the buoy. That is an impressively large fluctuation in ocean height in an incredibly short period of time. No other nearby buoys reported anything unusual. The website reported the mysterious event over the weekend, and said that NASA advised that a meteor splashdown in the ocean near the buoy could have caused the event. The site also speculates that a nearby submarine could have dragged the buoy down and caused the anomaly. "It is possible that a small meteor, perhaps the size of a softball, made it to the ocean and, upon impact at 14,000 MPH, would cause quite a localized wave. There is no way to verify this possibility." No effects were reportedly felt along the Jersey shore, or anywhere else along the coast of the Northeastern United States. (station website: