Extreme Weather in Brazil on June 09 2016 11:14 AM (UTC).
Torrential rains in the Sao Paulo metropolitan region in Brazil have resulted in flooding, landslides, collapsed buildings, damage to roads and a number of deaths. During the first week of June, rainfall in the metropolitan region reached nearly 10 times the average daily precipitation reported for the month, according to data compiled by BNamericas using information from state water utility Sabesp. This week the rains have caused collapses of sections of road in the cities of Sao Paulo and Barueri, as well as damage to the water supply pipelines of state water utility Sabesp and falling lamp posts. In the eastern region of Sao Paulo, a landslide destroyed homes and claimed the life of one man on Tuesday. According to local fire departments, a total of 90 deaths have been caused by flooding in the state since January. The heaviest rainfall this year, prior to this week, was seen in March. Despite the damage, the heavy rainfall has been a relief for Sabesp, which suffered from a lack of water supplies throughout 2014. In the state's largest reservoir system, Cantereira, a daily average of 25mm of rain fell in the first week of June, nearly 13 times the 1.94mm/d historic average for the month, according to Sabesp data. In Alto Cotia, 22mm/d of rain was recorded, or almost 12 times the 1.84mm/d historic average, and in Alto Tiete, 18.7mm/d of rainfall was reported, just over 10 times the 1.84mm/d average for the month. Rio Grande reported 16.1mm/d (8 times the 2.0mm/d average), Guarapiranga 11.6mm/d (6.5 times the 1.79mm/d average), and Rio Claro 20.3mm/d (6.3 times the 3.25mm average).