Power Outage in Puerto Rico on September 22 2016 04:34 AM (UTC).
A government agency in Puerto Rico is reporting a significant power outage in the U.S. territory. According to the Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Administración de Desastres (AEMEAD), two lines that transmit 230,000 volts were damaged. AEMEAD officials say approximately 1.4 million clients are affected. The island has a population of approximately 3.5 million. The agency's Twitter page posted images of a fire at a plant in Central Aguirre that they say has now been put out. According to the agency, the fire occured at a plant that is the largest electricity provider for the island. AEMEAD officials say the fire occurred where the plant's transformers are located. Authorities say the outage caused 15 fires across Puerto Rico due to malfunctioning generators. New Yorkers with ties to the island are concerned for their loved ones' safety. "I feel very sad because of what's happening right now in Puerto Rico," one New Yorker said through an interpreter. "I love Puerto Rico. All of my grandkids are Puerto Rican, and we're praying for our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters." "Being without electricity is nothing new in the Caribbean islands, as whenever we go through certain times like hurricanes and the what not, we are accustomed to living without lights," said another. It is unclear when power will be restored. AEMEAD officials say power will first be restored to airports, hospitals and police headquarters. The island territory has been suffering from crippling debt and is undergoing restructuring. Puerto Rico has been seeking funds to improve what it says is outdated equipment.