Landslide in USA on January 21 2017 05:49 AM (UTC).
As of 1:13 p.m Friday, all search operations have been suspended and equipment released from the El Capitan flood incident. Dave Zaniboni reports a thorough search has been executed, as well as primary and secondary searches with no extra persons located or further reports of anyone missing. Twenty-two people were trapped in the upper part of the campground, but have all been escorted out by fire fighters and are all uninjured. A search at the river south of the freeway revealed seven more vehicles and the remains of one cabin swept down the river. Two of the vehicles were found just south of the freeway, and five more were found at El Capitan Beach by the mouth of the river. In total, twenty-two vehicles and about five cabins were destroyed. At noon on Friday, firefighters continue to search for victims of the mudslide. Santa Barbara County Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni reports there are currently no reports of missing people, but crews will continue to search the area. Approximately 22 people were extricated from the upper canyon area. Rescue personnel were able to use a 2-track vehicle that maneuvered over the debris and mud, carrying the stranded people to safety. There were no reports of any injuries to victims or rescue personnel, reports Zaniboni. Those that were rescued were loaded onto a bus and transported to another location, but Captain Zaniboni could not confirm where they were headed. A helicopter was ordered to view the slide area from overhead. After it was released from service, it headed back towards the Santa Ynez Airport. As the crew was flying over Refugio Road, they noticed a vehicle that was stranded next to a flooded area. On higher ground near the vehicle, a woman was stranded and yelling for help, said Zaniboni. The helicopter crew lowered a hoist to rescue the woman who was complaining of hypothermia symptoms. She was flown to the Santa Barbara Airport and subsequently transported to Cottage Hospital in an ambulance. Captain Zaniboni reports that crews will remain on scene of the mudslide for the time being.