Landslide in USA on December 12 2015 06:12 AM (UTC).
More evidence of the toll the weather has taken on our rain-soaked region: A landslide on Mercer Island has damaged homes. Video from SkyKING shows one was hit by the slide, with trees piled up in the backyard and damage to the roof. Next door, a home is in the potential path if the landslide keeps moving. At the top of the hill, the landslide is directly adjacent to a portion of one home's foundation. Inspectors were out at the scene Friday to get a look at the extent of the damage, but for now all three homes have been red-tagged. Ava Wampold's family is feeling the impact. Their home is unsafe to enter, according to inspectors. She was asleep when she heard the crash Tuesday night. "It sounded like a really loud washing machine," said Wampold. Homeowners have hired geotechnical engineers to conduct a detailed evaluation. They are working to figure out exactly what caused the landslide and if more movement could occur.