HAZMAT in USA on January 30 2018 06:06 PM (UTC).
Authorities are warning that a "hazardous material" is being leaked from one of the cars of a freight train that derailed in downtown Quincy Tuesday morning. At about 9:30 a.m., Quincy Police Chief Glenn Sapp said the cause of the derailment was still under investigation. Those at the scene were instructed by the Quincy Fire Department to stay 75-100 feet away from the overturned rail cars, one of which had ruptured and leaked a white, powdery substance called acetic acid. Blustery winds would occasionally blow the substance up into the air, causing onlookers to cover their faces. "A CSX (Transportation) train was travelling eastbound, it had about eight cars, and it derailed and came off the tracks. The cause has not been determined yet," Sapp said. Mark Hollis, who lives less than a quarter mile from the tracks near downtown Quincy, said he heard the commotion as the train was derailing early Tuesday morning. Hollis added trains pass through nearly every day, but this one sounded different. "It was about 6:40 (a.m.) when I got up and I heard a train running, like it was going way too fast, and all the sudden it started making a loud, thunder-like sound," Hollis said. "So I came to the road and looked over there, it was all laying on its side." Florida Department of Transportation assisted Quincy PD and Fire Department on the scene.