HAZMAT in Turkey on August 29 2016 03:30 AM (UTC).
Around 5,000 people living in the Elbistan district of the Mediterranean province of Kahramanmaras rushed to local hospitals on Aug. 27, allegedly after being poisoned by the district's drinking water, Dogan News Agency has reported. Locals suffering from fever, nausea and vertigo flooded hospitals in the district late on Aug. 27. Many of them were later discharged after receiving initial treatment. Local authorities established a crisis desk and also provided additional health personnel and drug supplies to hospitals across the district. There were no immediate reports of casualties or patients in critical condition. Authorities meanwhile urged locals to boil their water before drinking it. The municipality also delivered bottled water to locals after the incident. In addition, Kahramanmaras Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoc announced that works to determine the cause of the problem were ongoing. However, authorities elaborated on possible drinking water poisoning caused by the district's water supply network. Erkoc said necessary inspections in the district's water supply were being carried out. The Kahramanmaras prosecutor's office also opened an investigation into the incident to determine possible negligence or sabotage in the district's water supply network.