HAZMAT in USA on April 11 2016 03:39 AM (UTC).
15 inmates from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice San Saba unit after they all began experiencing medical symptoms Sunday morning. According to the TDCJ several inmates began reporting experiencing nausea, headaches, and dizziness. 221 inmates in the same housing area were transported to the gymnasium as the San Saba fire department was called to investigate. Fifteen inmates were transported to local hospitals for treatment with non-life threatening conditions. By 8 p.m. Sunday night all of the inmates had been treated for their symptoms. TDCJ staff and representatives from Atmos Energy have found no gas leaks at this time but are on scene investigating what might have caused the symptoms. No deaths have been reported, and no corrections officers treated on scene. The TDCJ San Saba unit is a transfer facility that houses 600 female offenders. *Correction: Previously we had cited the San Saba County Sheriff's Office stating that more than 70 inmates had been taken to local hospitals after a gas leak. We have corrected the story with updated information from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.