HAZMAT in USA on February 21 2016 06:31 AM (UTC).
Crews evacuated a popular restaurant in Greece today because of a potential carbon monoxide leak. It happened at the Olive Garden on Route 104 in Greece. Fire crews left the restaurant as they were trying to find the source of that carbon monoxide leak. Police say a manager at the Olive Garden called 911 after employees complained of a strange odor that made them feel sick. Nine of those employees were taken to the hospital for evaluation. Police say no customers were affected. Investigators said they needed to go through the restaurant with a fine-tooth-comb to try and find the source of the leak. "There's quite a bit of things in there," Said Captain Thomas Kirchoff of the Ridge Road Fire Department. "We want to make sure we know what it is, so it doesn't get duplicated and gets repaired. We have to stop, we have to ventilate the building, make sure it's safe for everybody and for us to operate in, and that lets us reset and do an investigation." The restaurant will remain closed until police and fire crews finish their investigation.