Heat Wave in Australia on January 16 2017 04:38 AM (UTC).
The Sunshine Coast will boil this week as temperature soar above 35 degrees, but it will feel precariously close to the 40 degree mark, with high humidity raising apparent temperature (how hot it feels). Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Sean Fitzgerald said a coincidental alignment with the working week will lead, like last week, into heatwave conditions culminating on Saturday before a cooler change on Sunday. According to the Bureau of Meteorology's warning, a "severe" level heatwave will hit the region on Monday, before becoming "extreme" on Wednesday, and continuing through to the weekend. This Sunday's south-easterly change, however, will provide greater relief than the one just past. Today will hit a peak of 31 degrees on what is developing into a partly cloudy day, after bright sunshine early. Winds will increase to 15-20 kmh from the east before falling out later in the afternoon. There will be an overnight low of 23 degrees coming into Tuesday, which is tipped to also hit 31 degrees on a sunny day with light winds early giving way to easterly then north-easterly winds to 20 kmh. A hot and sunny Wednesday will mean temperatures climb to 34 degrees off an overnight low of 22 degrees. Winds will again be light early then shift to the north-east at 15-25 degrees, before turning more north, north-westerly at 15-20 kmh. Thursday will be hotter again topping 35 degrees from a humid overnight low of 23 degrees. It will be hot, partly cloudy, with the likelihood of showers in the evening after thunderstorms during the afternoon. Winds will be light early, shifting from the east to the south east at between 15-25 kmh. Friday will follow the week's pattern with the overnight minimum not going below 24 degrees before climbing to a peak of 34 degrees on what will be a hot, partly cloudy day with the chance of thunderstorms. Winds will be light tending north, north-west strengthening to 15-25 kmh before swinging west, north-west at 15-20 kmh. Saturday is going to be an absolute stinker after a hot Friday night where the temperature is not expected to get below 25 degrees. On a partly cloudy day with a strong chance of thunderstorms temperatures will hit 36 degrees. Winds will be hot out of the west and then north west at 15-20 kmh before swinging south east at 20-30 kmh, the shift bringing with it almost instantaneous relief. Overnight Saturday will still only hit a sweltering low of 24 degrees but the rest of the day won't get above 29 degrees. Winds will be light before shifting west at 20-30 kmh. There will also be a strong chance of rain.