Heat Wave in Canada on August 17 2016 03:48 AM (UTC).
Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement which includes Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. It warns of temperatures climbing into the 30s for the next few days, especially inland and in the afternoon. Near the water, the mercury will be in the mid to upper 20s. A campfire ban is going into effect for most of the south coast tomorrow at noon. Dr. Meena Dawar with Coastal Health advises people to "Drink before you get thirsty, keep cool, go to the beach if you can, otherwise go to an air-conditioned building," and to "use public splash pools and water parks." She adds people with pre-existing medical conditions, children and the elderly have to be especially careful. "Check in on others; this is really important," Dawar says, "family members who may be living alone may be at risk of heat-related illness, but they may not realize that they are."