Heat Wave in USA on December 14 2015 04:20 AM (UTC).
It may be a little too soon to put the gloves and scarves back into the storage closet, but record-setting warm weather is telling us keep the shorts and T-shirts handy for the rest of the month, meteorologists say. Two places in North Jersey hit temperatures four degrees higher than previous records on Sunday, according to Bob Ziff of North Jersey Weather Observers, a local consulting organization. In Hawthorne, the thermometer rose to 68 degrees, breaking the record for that town, set in 1928. And in Bergenfield, it was 67, which broke the record set in 1984. At the official weather station at Newark's Liberty International Airport, the 68-degree high also broke the previous record, 63, in 1946, according to Jay Engle, a National Weather Service meteorologist. And even though the temperature was expected to be a bit cooler on Monday, at 64 degrees, Engle said it was still anticipated it would break the record for the date, 63 in 2001. People throughout the North Jersey area took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to go out in their summer clothes, many riding bicycles, walking, doing outdoor garden work, and in some cases, kayaking on water that in other years might have been close to freezing. The temperature rose into the upper 60s in Paterson, and people flocked in short sleeves to see a decidedly unfrozen Great Falls. "It's too nice to stay in the house," said Megan Rizzo, who drove up from Old Bridge to walk around the park with her husband and two children. "The weather is excellent if you have a family and you want to hit up the park," added her husband, Mike. "But at the same time, it's a little creepy this time of year." Ziff, of the North Jersey Weather Observers group, said the warm weather appeared to be a continuation of an unusually warm November - which he said was the sixth warmest, in records going back to 1893.