Fire in USA on March 30 2016 12:50 PM (UTC).
A large fire that spread through five rowhouses in Brooklyn on Tuesday night left 11 people injured, one of them seriously, the Fire Department said. Officials said firefighters were called to Bushwick at about 10 p.m. to battle a fire that started at 1427 DeKalb Avenue and that spread to adjoining buildings. The cause of the fire is being investigated, a Fire Department spokesman said. More than 200 firefighters were involved in fighting the blaze, which was brought under control around 1:30 a.m., the spokesman said. All five buildings were either destroyed or severely damaged, he said. Of the 11 injured, seven refused medical attention, the spokesman said. The person who was seriously injured, a civilian, was taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, said the spokesman, who added that the person's injuries were not life-threatening. Two other civilians and one firefighter were taken to Wyckoff Heights with minor injuries, the spokesman said. As the fire spread, people in the neighborhood posted images and videos on social media, many showing flames bursting from roofs and windows.