Fire in United Kingdom on March 30 2016 02:54 AM (UTC).
More than 100 firefighters and 17 fire engines are trying to put out the "severe" fire in a recycling centre on Clarel Avenue, Saltley. They were called to the scene at 2.08pm but are struggling to contain the 50ft flames. To ensure the flames do not spread further they have asked for an electricity pylon to be switched off and said 40,000 homes could be plunged into darkness overnight. Smoke can still be seen billowing from the scrap yard from several miles away. There is no confirmation whether anyone is inside the building. But the public have been told to keep all windows and doors closed and stay inside. Incredible pictures and videos of West Midlands fire staff tackling the blaze appeared on social media. The building is jampacked with 800 tonnes of highly flammable mixed-plastic, rubber and metal and has several power cables running throughout - sparking fears an outage may be on the cards. Fire crew used two aerial platforms to lower firefighters with hoses into the heart of the blaze. More than 100 people in the area called to report the blaze and have been advised not to ring 999 in relation to the incident.