Flood in USA on December 30 2015 03:51 AM (UTC).
The New Year Flood could break records for the small community of Allenville, Mo. Allenville had its worst flood on record in 1993. Cape Girardeau County officials said flooding through the end of December may break that record. The highest water levels the small town has seen is 48.5 feet. Current estimates are expected to match that. Many residents are bracing for the flood's impact. Strong winds made many flooded areas and roads even more difficult to navigate through, creating powerful currents. Phil Thompson has lived in Allenville for more than 60 years. He believes this year's storm could have a big impact. "You never know how it's going to come, but yes, we're always wary," Thompson said. "Unless a person has had their home flooded that you just don't know the extent of harm that it does and the emotional effect that it also does to a family. His 7-year-old granddaughter, Lynnea, said she is worried about the rising waters. "I'm really scared," she said. "Because if it gets to our house, we might have to buy a new house." On Monday, Dec. 28, officials urged Allenville residents to leave town with a voluntary evacuation order. Allenville residents in need of flooding assistance are urged to contact The Red Cross in Cape Girardeau.