Flash Flood in Canada on June 10 2016 09:25 AM (UTC).
Environment Canada is warning residents of Fort McMurray about the possibility of flash floods due to a torrent of rain expected to hit the city. Rain has been pounding the city all day, 44 mm of it came down, and another 10 to 20 mm is expected before the rain stops. Isolated flash floods have been occurring in several neighbourhoods across the city including Thickwood and Timeberlea. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry said in a release the "rain has increased the hazardous conditions within the Horse River Wildfire." They are warning people to stay away from burned areas as trees could come down. People are being warned that localized flooding in low-lying areas is a real possibility, as well as possible washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts. While some welcomed the rain it brought back stressful memories for Thomas Jackson of the summer of 2013. After a deluge of heavy rains In June of that year, the Hangingstone River overran its banks and flooded parts of Waterways, Grayling Terrace, and the downtown core. "We've had rain like this before, but I haven't seen flooding like that since 2013 when we had that last major flood up here," said Jackson. "It's not at that level yet, but I haven't seen the sewers back up like this before. The water is getting pretty high, up to the top of people's bumpers." Jackson says vacuum trucks have been parked in neighbourhoods around the city all day, pumping out the overworked drainage lines. Earlier in the day on several streets in some of the worst hit areas bylaw officers were knocking on doors, Jackson says, asking residents to check their basements for signs of flooding. "The rain was good at first because everybody was hoping for rain, and now I think it's going to start worrying people again. I mean, they come back from being evacuated, and now they have something else to deal with." Although at some points in the evening the rain stopped, it is forecast to pour throughout the evening. The warning has been issued for areas near Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Anzac, Grand Rapids. Janvier, Conklin, Mariana Lake, Gipsy Lake, Whitemud Falls, Wallace Creek, Engstom Lake, Stone Mountain Provincial Park and the Lac La Biche area.