Flash Flood in Mozambique on January 13 2016 04:16 AM (UTC).
At lesat three people have been killed by torrential rains which also left a trail damage to homes and infrastracture at the weekend in the Mozambican city of Pemba in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, APA can report.A preliminary assessment of the damage caused by the floods, made by the Municipal Council of that metropolis, points out that another person also died from electric shock in Chibuabuare district of Cariacà³ neighborhood where eight other families are in risk area or simply in a vulnerable situation. The report says hotel establishments in the tourist region have been submerged representing a huge loss for their owners while some houses were flooded, aggravating the precarious living conditions of their inhabitants. According to the Municipal Council of Pemba, in Natite, some buildings were underwater due to flash floods. Mozambique is vulnerable to natural disasters during the rainy season which spans from October to march. The Southern African nation last saw its worst flood scenario in 2000 when 700 people died and economic infrastructure extensively damaged forcing the government to seek almost half billion dollar for post flood reconstruction from the international donor community.