Explosion in Spain on September 16 2017 05:12 PM (UTC).
A suspected gas blast in a Barcelona bakery this morning has left one person fighting for life many more injured. The first and larger blast occurred around 7am local time and was followed by a much smaller explosion. The explosions, located just a few blocks away from the popular La Sagrada Familia tourist attraction, are believed to have been caused by gas. The blasts struck the bakery on the first floor of a seven-storey building on Carrer de la Marina, just a few blocks from the popular La Sagrada Familia tourist attraction. Only minutes later firefighters, police and ambulances teams arrived on the scene. El Pais reported neighbours were being treated for smoke inhalation as authorities said it was likely caused by gas. Neighbour Belen Ortega told the paper: "I heard a very strong explosion and the building shook. "I woke up, I saw flames and then smoke. I went to get my son and when I went out there were firefighters - they were very fast." Jordi Canal, another neighbour, described seeing the bakery on fire and a lot of smoke coming out.