Explosion in USA on June 23 2016 11:32 AM (UTC).
A transformer explosion at the Fuyao Glass plant in Decatur lit up the sky Wednesday, leaving nearby residents alarmed. Eyewitness video details the explosion. The Mt. Zion Fire Department tells us that the light show was caused by an opossum. At about 12:30 this morning, it got into the substation, causing it to short and then burst a nearby transformer. The plant lost power for four or five hours, but there were no injuries and the plant wasn't evacuated. A witness to the scene described what he saw and heard. "Never this big. I've seen a transformer explode before, which is why I pulled phone out. That's what I assumed it was, just from the flashes of light. I know residents close by say it sounded pretty terrifying," said witness Christopher Clem. Ameren does provide power to the plant, but they say that it was not their substation that was damaged. They went to the plant at about 1 a.m. Wednesday to assist fire crews.