Explosion in Sudan on May 09 2016 03:18 AM (UTC).
A huge gas tanker explosion in the Sudanese capital on Saturday reportedly injured at least 16 people, destroying vehicles and causing ceilings to collapse in nearby buildings. The sudden fiery outburst occurred when a tanker providing gas to a local bakery in Khartoum caught fire, spewing flames over large parts of Omdurman marketplace, Sudanese newspaper Alrakoba reports. A fountain of fire and billowing black smoke can be seen in footage taken by an eyewitness at the scene on Saturday morning. As people appear to approach the flaming gas tanker a huge explosion engulfs the area shattering windows of nearby buildings. A number of residential properties and shops were reportedly damaged in the explosion, while at least 16 people are being treated at Omdurman Hospital for burn injuries. Pictures of the incident have surfaced on social media, showing how the large explosion and thick smoke could be seen from across the River Nile. One image shows extensive smoke damage to a mosque, while in another a vehicle can be seen entirely destroyed by flames. Authorities are investigating the exact cause of the incident and have been inspecting nearby houses for structural damage.