Epidemic Hazard in Sudan on September 24 2018 03:47 PM (UTC).
A medical source familiar with the failure to disclose the illness of dozens of citizens of an unknown fever hit large parts of the neighborhoods of the city of Al-Fashir, capital of the state of North Darfur, causing confusion among the medical staff working in the educational hospital in Al-Fashir. The medical source, who declined to be named, said that Al-Fashir Teaching Hospital recorded on Friday night [21 Sep 2018] about 90 cases of an unidentified fever similar to what appeared in the state of Kassala over the last days. "The sick are from different neighborhoods of the city, with ages ranging from 20 to 25 years, of both sexes." He said that the hospital administration had taken the necessary action, and it was later found that among the sick some were infected with malaria, while it was not clear why the others died. Some of them had left the hospital to their homes after undergoing medical checkups, and activists through social networking sites called on state authorities to take care of the unknown feces and immediately investigate them as soon as possible.