Event into space in Canada on June 25 2016 01:52 PM (UTC).
A bright, speeding light flashed through the sky along the Eastern Shore near Halifax late Thursday. Some residents from Eastern Passage through to Chezzetcook saw what appeared to be a meteorite race across the sky after 9 p.m. "I looked out my window, and there was this huge meteorite going across the sky. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen," said West Chezzetcook resident Scott Wolfe. He spotted it around 9:30 p.m. and raced from one window to another to get the best view. "We got a great panoramic-type view (of it) across the Chezzetcook Harbour," he said. "It definitely stuck around a while. I saw it for 10 or 15 seconds across the sky." He said it was a sight to see. "There were pieces falling behind the thing. They would break off and stay bright in the air," he said. "It was pretty cool . . . I'd never really seen anything like it." Wolfe called to his wife, Lenora, just in time. "I had just enough leeway to get her attention, and she caught the last bit," said Wolfe. Twitter began to buzz around 9 p.m. Thursday about a sighting. "I just observed a giant object on fire dropping from the sky," wrote Twitter user @fussball_eh. Twitter user @kennymahar said he saw it burn up as he sat in his living room in Eastern Passage. David Lane, director at the Saint Mary's University Burke-Gaffney Observatory, didn't see the meteorite, but saw and heard reports. "This is a pretty regular occurrence, and they're totally random events. They can happen every few days, but might come during the day, while it's cloudy or late at night," he said. "It was clear last night . . . and the perfect time. A lot of people saw it." From social media reports, he said it was in the east, likely hundreds of kilometres over the sea. "But some people will say they saw it just over a hill, while a pilot will say it flew over them. Our vision is skewed with them," he said. "It's truly difficult to keep track when we are startled and amazed by something so bright."