Complex Emergency in Zambia on December 13 2015 03:36 PM (UTC).
Water and Sewerage Company says parts of Lusaka and surrounding areas are experiencing a critical shortage of water because of last Thursday night's power blackout. A check in Kalingalinga and Helen Kaunda areas found residents with containers and buckets in search of the commodity, while residents of Woodlands and Chilenje were found drawing water at Woodlands Zesco substation. In an interview, LWSC managing director George Ndongwe said he was expectant that normal water supply would be restored once the utility stops experiencing unscheduled power outages. "It's mainly because of the power outage that we experienced, because as a result of that, we were not pumping water for most of yesterday (Friday) meaning our water levels in the main reservoir are very low," said Ndongwe. "So we are just trying to ensure that we only pump at the right time so that everyone can have some supply. The other side is the Chilenje area; during the power outage, one of transformers blew up but the good news is that it was fixed and we hope that supply should be stabilising today. If nothing else happens in terms of power cuts, then we should be stabilising." The country on Thursday experienced power outage that affected eight provinces, caused by an electric fault at Kariba North Bank and Kafue George power stations. According to energy minister Dora Siliya, the interruption of the power supply affected Central, Muchinga, Luapula, North-Western, Northern, Eastern, Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces.