Biological Hazard in USA on December 07 2018 05:48 AM (UTC).
Health officials in Pueblo are warning the public to avoid all wild animals after a skunk tested positive for rabies. The animal was found in the area of City Park. "It is unusual for animals to test positive for rabies this late in the year. However, rabies has been found in wild skunks, bats, and other animals throughout Pueblo County." stated Jody Carrillo, Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness division director of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. Carrillo added, "Wild animals, including skunks are to be left alone and not touched." Rabies is caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of an infected animal. Rabies also can be transmitted if the animal's saliva gets into a cut or break in the skin. "People can be exposed to rabies when they assist, feed, handle or come in contact with wild animals," Jody Carrillo further explained.