Biological Hazard in Faeroe Islands on September 24 2018 03:29 AM (UTC).
Faroese salmon farmer Bakkafrost has revealed it lost 750,000 individuals in an incident at its A-81 Kolbanagjogv site on Sept. 20, 2018. The fish were young, at around 500 grams each, and the total mortalities occurred within just a "couple of hours", the firm said. They were only put to sea between June and August. "It has not been possible to confirm the cause of the incident, but algae phaeocystis, pseudo-nitzscia, and heterosigma were registered in the sea at farming site A-81 Kolbanagjogv on Sept. 20, and the algae are suspected to have caused the mortality incident," Bakkafrost said. "It has also been confirmed that prior to and while the incident occurred, manure has been sprayed as fertilizer onto the infield only 200 meters from the farming site. Continuous examinations are being done to confirm the cause of the sudden and short mortality incident." There has been farming activity at this site for the past 30 years, and there has never been a similar incident, it noted. Bakkafrost has not observed any similar situations at other farming sites in recent days, it also said. The company will have finished removing all the dead fish from the sea at the site on Sept. 24, and nothing abnormal has been registered since Sept. 20, it said. "Bakkafrost has people monitoring the situation closely at farming site A-81 Kolbanagjogv. The fish at [the site] are insured." At the end of August Bakkafrost said it plans to invest an additional DKK 3 billion (€402.2 million) by 2022, as part of its new 2018-2022 investment plan. The aim of the investment program is to minimize biological risk, increase efficiency and create "sustainable organic growth", the group said in its Q2 financial results. The new investment will fund a 55% growth in harvest by 2023, from 49,000 metric tons expected in 2018. Bakkafrost aims to harvest its fish at 6- 6.5 kilograms. Taking the upper estimate, a loss of 750,000 individuals may mean the firm produces 4,875t less in 2018 than planned.