Biological Hazard in Saint Helena on April 24 2017 11:36 AM (UTC).
A British woman has been attacked by a shark while swimming near a remote island in the South Atlantic. She was on Ascension Island, part of the British territory of St Helena, and a source told the Times her husband punched the shark to scare it away. The woman, who works for the St Helena government, was treated in hospital locally, but later airlifted to the UK. St Helena is a British Overseas Territory, 1,150 miles (1,850km) off the west coast of Africa. The government has warned swimmers entering the water in the area that they do so at their own risk. St Helena and Ascension Island are linked to the outside world by a Royal Mail Ship, the St Helena, which had been making the five-day journey from South Africa, every three weeks, but is currently out of action for repairs.