Biological Hazard in India on April 15 2017 08:08 AM (UTC).
The 126th birth anniversary celebration of B.R. Ambedkar turned chaotic in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant as hundreds of honey bees attacked the employees here on Friday. The incident took place midway through the programme organised at Ambedkar Park in Sector 6. According to an officer, a beehive was present in the park since long and the insects might have been disturbed by the sound from the loudspeakers. Hundreds of bees attacked those present at the venue. Chairman and Managing Director P. Madhusudan and other senior officers had to be whisked away to safety. In all, 25 persons were injured in the attack. A few of them who suffered multiple stings had to be shifted to a corporate hospital in the city for treatment. An employee who suffered over one hundred stings said: "It all happened so suddenly. Before we could realise, we were engulfed by hundreds of bees."