Biological Hazard in USA on March 18 2017 06:10 AM (UTC).
Thousands of Africanized bees swarmed through a Garden Grove home's backyard Friday, stinging two men who had to be taken to the hospital. The men were working at the home on Mac Duff Street near Mac Kay Street when they were each stung 15 to 20 times, the Garden Grove Fire Department said. Neighbors say they could hear their painful screams as far at the end of the block and came running to try to save the men, as the two ran to hose off the killer bees. Both men were taken to a hospital, where they were treated and released. Ted Cruz, a beekeeper who was called to remove the 2- to 3-foot-long hive hanging outside of the garage, suspects that the hive has been growing for up to nine months. He estimates the hive was covered in 40,000 to 55,000 bees.