Biological Hazard in Spain on January 27 2017 11:56 AM (UTC).
This Thursday the regional government of the Balearic Islands ordered the temporary cancellation of surgical procedures at the Hospital Can Misses, the only public hospital in Ibiza, in response to a plague of flies which Ibiza hospital cancels operations due to plague of flieshas affected seven of the eight operating theatres. 56 operations which were scheduled for Thursday and Friday have been postponed, although one of the theatres remains on stand-by to carry out any emergency procedures which might arise. It was on Wednesday evening that an "unusual" number of flies were noticed in the surgery wing of the hospital, and on Thursday morning the decision was made to close the theatres while efforts are made to trace the source of the problem. Once the fly population has been eliminated it will be necessary to carry out a microbiological analysis of the area, and if this provides satisfactory results surgery can resume 48 hours later. In other words, it could well be Monday at least before surgery is resumed at Can Misses, and in cases where operations are absolutely essential doctors will decide whether they are performed in the one remaining theatre in Ibiza or whether patients are transported, by helicopter if necessary, to the hospitals of Son Espases and Son Llatzer in Mallorca.