Biological Hazard in Australia on January 22 2017 05:45 AM (UTC).
An Australian diver who was attacked by a shark before being rescued and taken to a remote island had to wait more than eight hours to receive treatment for his wounds, emergency services say. The scuba diver was attacked in a remote area off the north Queensland coast. Media reports say bad weather hampered the rescue effort. The man, 55, suffered injuries to his hand, chest and stomach. He is now reported to be in a stable condition in hospital. An emergency services spokesman told ABC News that the injured man received treatment on his boat after been picked up near an island in the Torres Strait. Medics performed first aid to stem the bleeding, but it took about five hours to reach a medical clinic on nearby Murray Island. It is not clear what type of shark was responsible for the attack. The spokesman said bad weather meant it then took another three hours for a rescue helicopter to arrive from Horn Island and take him to Thursday Island. What is behind a spike in Australian shark attacks? Queensland Ambulance Service Supervisor Kirk Binnington told the Sydney Morning Herald that the attack occurred 65 nautical miles (75 miles; 120km) east of Murray Island.