Biological Hazard in USA on August 29 2016 03:22 AM (UTC).
The latest in a series of fish kills throughout the Jersey Shore has left thousands of dead fish in a marina in Atlantic Highlands on Sunday. Blake Deakin recorded aerial footage of at the Atlantic Highlands marina, where thousands of what appeared to be dead peanut bunker floated lifeless around moored boats. "I came across it (Sunday) morning," said the 34-year-old Atlantic Highlands resident. "It was starting to smell pretty bad. It got noticeably worse over the coarse of the day." Bob Considine, a spokesman with the state Department of Environmental Protection, said several fish kills happened in New Jersey and New York in the past week. In addition to the one in Atlantic Highlands, a kill of a few thousand fish was discovered at the marina in Keyport late Friday and another killed between 15,000 and 20,000 fish in Little Egg Harbor over the weekend. Last week, thousands of fish washed up on Keansburg beaches, particularly in the area of Waackaack Creek. "These are due to low concentrations of dissolved oxygen in the water," Considine said in an email to a reporter. "Most likely, these large groups of fish are bring chased by predator fish from colder waters, into warmer waters." The kills might also be the result of unusually high numbers peanut bunker, or Atlantic menhaden, living along the coast, he said. "Our Bureau of Marine Fisheries estimates that the number of this bait fish has not been this high in more than a decade off the Atlantic coast," Considine wrote. Deakin, who owns a sailboat and has lived in Atlantic Highlands for 30 years, said he has never seen a fish kill of such large scale before. Considine said the Department of Environmental Protection would continue to monitor the fish kills using ground and air surveillance. "If there are any other reports to large-scale fish wash-ups, we'll be responding as is normal course," he said.