Biological Hazard in USA on August 04 2016 03:41 AM (UTC).
The State Water Control Resources Board is advising boaters to avoid the Middle Fork of the Feather River Arm of Lake Oroville for another Blue-Green Algae bloom. Test results from water samples of Lake Oroville are still pending but it's one of 33 cases in California. Clint Snyder with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board said the department is teaming up with the Department of Water Resources on the bloom in Lake Oroville. "Both the Shasta and Lake Oroville systems are very similar with the bloom, cyanobacteria," said Snyder. Snyder said he's not surprised to see so many reports of Blue-Green Algae. "The blooms happen nationwide, they happen every year. This year following drought, increase temperatures there's some factors that contribute to these blooms which is in part why we're seeing an increase in blooms particularly here in the local area," said Snyder. While test results from the Feather River are pending, those from the Pit River Arm of Shasta Lake are back. All three samples tested positive for Anatoxin-A one of the dangerous forms of the cyanobacteria. "We detected low concentrations in each one of those samples less than one part per billion," said Snyder. Test results from Lake Britton and the Pit River at Big Bend also tested positive for Anatoxin-A ranging from 0.35 ppb to 0.52 ppb. "The warning signs and the cautionary statements and such remain the same, we're in the same status."," said Snyder. To elevate the warning status of Shasta Lake, Snyder said the samples needed to measure at least 6 ppb. The board is continuing the make visual observations each week and taking more samples to look for any changes. "They're not regulatory procedure with regard to enforcement keeping people out of the area this is a voluntary program statewide," said Snyder. While additional tests are ongoing Snyder said to avoid the affected areas when on the lake. "At this point in time it's monitoring the system that's our primary concern making sure that we're taking care of the public and that as time goes on we'll start looking at potential sources," said Snyder.