Biological Hazard in USA on June 22 2016 02:19 PM (UTC).
As a Bertie County teen continues to recover from a shark bite at Atlantic Beach earlier this month, a shark attack was reported in North Myrtle Beach. Authorities in the South Carolina tourist destination city say a shark bit a 42-year-old man while he was floating on his back in the water. He said he felt a tug on his foot as the shark pulled it into his mouth, but the man shook free and swam to shore. He was taken to the hospital for the punctured foot. Jon Williford saw the man come out of the water and said, "I heard the guy yell, and I saw him hopping a little bit and he came out of the water. I thought maybe he had gotten bit by a jellyfish or something or stumped his toe or something, and then I saw blood gushing and then we went over there. The lifeguard got to him, and we got some first aid material. We wrapped him and got him cut up. His foot was bit pretty good." The shark was believed to be between three to five feet.