Biological Hazard in New Caledonia on March 20 2016 06:28 AM (UTC).
A second bout of gastroenteritis has broken out on a cruise line bound for New Zealand. Passengers aboard the Princess Cruises vessel Golden Princess are battling the contagious virus, as well as a flu outbreak, The Herald Sun reports. "Most people on board have copped the lot," said one passenger. An elderly passenger has as also died of natural causes. The liner departed from Port Melbourne 12 days ago, and is scheduled to dock in Auckland on March 26, before sailing to Tauranga, Gisborne, Wellington, and Akaroa. According to Cruise New Zealand's website, the Golden Princess carries 2624 passengers and more than more than 1100 crew members. It is not known yet how many passengers have come down with gastro or flu, or both. The latest gastro outbreak comes a month after 158 passengers on its sister ship, Diamond Princess, came down with gastro.