Biological Hazard in India on February 29 2016 04:15 AM (UTC).
Thousands of bees sting the crew members of Chauka film, swarming over them during the shoot, is currently taking place in Vijayapur's Ibrahim Rauza. The incident, which took place on Saturday, saw 35 people being stung, all working for Chauka film. There were rushed to a hospital. Apparently two people were seriously injured and admitted in the ICU and discharged on Sunday. Director Tarun Sudhir, who was at the spot, along with cinematographer S Krishna and actor Prajwal Devaraj, shares the horrifying experience. "We have been shooting at Ibrahim Rauza for the past seven days with Prajwal Devaraj, one of the heroes. On Saturday, around 5 pm, just before pack up, we were just getting a shot ready along with my camera person Krishna. Prajwal was sitting by our side. We knew about the bee hive, which was 20 meters away from our set. We don't know want went wrong or who threw a stone at the hive, but we were in for a shock when swarm of bees hit us. Prajwal ran from the spot while Krishna and I lay on the ground with an umbrella over us. A few crew members were badly stung, luckily the actor was not hurt," he said. The shooting is still on. "This is the worst accident anybody can come across. It is also a lesson for us about how to handle such situations," says Tarun. Chauka is the 50th movie produced by Dwarakish Chitra. Apart from Prajwal, this film also sees Vijay Raghavendra, Diganth and Chiranjeevi Sarja among the star cast.