Biological Hazard in New Zealand on December 11 2015 01:43 PM (UTC).
A measles warning has been issued in several areas after an infected tourist travelled the country. A 28-year-old European man carrying the virus travelled from Wellington, to Motueka, Kaikoura and Christchurch from December 3 to 11. The Canterbury District Health Board now is asking anyone who may have come in contact with him and is now presenting symptoms to call their doctor. He is believed to have contracted the highly-infectious virus while in Australia and is in private accommodation in Christchurch until the end of his infectious period. anterbury medical officer Alistair Humphrey said it was a particularly risky time for the tourism industry. "Over the next few years there is a heightened risk of measles as a result of the decision by parents in the 1990s not to get their children immunised," he said. Where He Stayed: December 3-5: Comfort Hotel, Cuba Street, Wellington,5 December 5: BlueBridge Ferry,December 5-7: Motueka Holiday Top 10,December 8-10: Lazy Shag Backpackers, Kaikoura,December 11: Travels to residence outside Christchurch