Technological Disaster in Kenya on September 20 2016 03:17 AM (UTC).
At least 100 people escaped death narrowly after a house in which they were living in collapsed at Kikuyu, Nairobi. The occupied four-storey house collapsed on Monday night as residents settled for the night. Eye witnesses and neighbors said the house, located at Kidfamaco near Kikuyu Gardens, was half occupied and the other half was under construction. Ken Mwaura, a witnesses, said the house had at least 24 families. "It started cracking and has been slowly coming down in the last one hour. Fortunately, all the people have been rescued and accounted for. There are only minor injuries," he said. The owner of the house was not immediately identified. Residents said that there was no emergency response immediately to cater for the minor injuries. "The police who were here have long left and we will spend the night in the cold," said a resident.